The Drawing Board, Inc. Architecture



design: 2014, construction: 2015


The Drawing Board, Inc. was selected by Pallotti HS to design a new, three-story atrium to connect two existing buildings on the campus. The project was in support of the new Pallotti Arts Academy to be located in the leftmost building.

Exterior |Night & Day The addition is designed to complement and highlight the existing context; during the day, the mass of the new building comfortably connects the two existing wings of the school. At night, the building glows, projecting warmth and highlighting the new wood ceiling and the bare brick walls of the existing buildings.
Interior | New Views A ramp connecting the second floors of the two wings wraps through the new interior space, defining the shape of the addition, inside and out. The ramp helps to create a dynamic interior, and allows occupants to take advantage of new views to the campus and beyond.
Interior | Connections The ramp runs along the outside edge of the addition, defining the lines of the building, and providing accessible access between the two existing wings.
Exterior | Green Roof A vegetated "green" roof covers the new first floor addition. The roof provides extra insulation, reduces surface runoff, and will serve as an educational tool for Pallotti's students.
pallotti high school new addition
Exterior | Built & Concept Using 3D digital modeling and renderings, we help our clients with visualization well before we begin construction drawings or construction. In addition to being a valuable tool for communicating with clients, these images are also useful for board approval, historic preservation reviews, and fundraising. Exterior | Existing Conditions Shown in these images are the existing one-story lobby, as well as the new addition under construction in the courtyard. The new addition provides a canopy at entrance, and courtyard side of the building, to help mediate the connection between the interior and exterior.
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